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Welcome to a different kind of culinary endeavour with extensive experience and knowledge to back it up. Our vision is to bring this Mediterranean dish to the next level, with fusions of different cultures. We infuse different flavours that combine the culinary aspects of different tongues, with the utmost respect to classic traditions.

Jessie Dario

Meet the founder

Chef Jessie Dario has always loved the culinary arts, a talent inherited from his family, who already succeeded in the restaurant business back in the Philippines. While Chef Jessie initially went to college and succeeded in getting degrees in accountancy and psychology, but he clearly decided it wasn’t for him so he went back to the restaurant career. I’ve worked from small-scale cantinas to top-notch award-winning fine dining restaurants, so when in regards to experience, knowledge, love and devotion to food, it’s all here.

Jessie Dario

Executive Chef
Jessie Dario

in his words

“Experience is the best teacher”, as my old professors used to tell me culinary on different levels, I’ve definitely learned from the best. And from that on I gained awards, front-paged magazines, newspapers and even product branding sponsors. 

I have started a lot of well-known restaurants here in Calgary, on different cultural culinary authenticity they have been standing on their grounds for years despite the pandemic and whenever I see them, I’m proud to say I used to cook in that kitchen and my recipes are right there.

My knowledge and skills for cooking come from remarkable inspirations from loved ones and many simple things around us, most especially from my colleagues and mentors that I work with all the years. These are the things that make me… ME!